Equipos de Combustión, S.L.


Combustion Engineering

The combustion systems must be applied correctly in order  to preserve the enviroment, achieving competitive production costs.

E.C., S.L. is a company specialized in combustion technology for the Industry.

Since 1978 the staff of Equipos de Combustión, S.L. developes the design, supply, setting up and commissioning of combustion equipments for industrial systems with any standard fuel and with special fuels, liquid or gaseous.


Supported  by the newest combustion technology, E.C., S.L. can provide a specific service for each need: From supplying a single burner, right through to a turnkey complete combustion system. The company is specialized in solving  special requirements.

These combustion equipments are used in different kind of furnaces: Melting, Forge, Heat treatment, Rotary furnaces, Pots. And also in: Industrial Dryers, Air Heaters, Combustion Chambers, Afterburner Chambers,  etc.

E.C., S.L. also developes Efficiency Studies analysing which option is the most suitable, for each specific use.

E.C.,S.L. provides a complete aftersales support (Servicio de Asistencia Técnica S.A.T.) by engineers with experience in: Preventive maintenance, Commissioning, Exhaust emission checks, Correction of specific problems with the combustion system, etc.

The company is certified according to ISO 9001, in order to provide a quality service to our customers.

Equipos de Combustión, S.L. is member of SEDIGAS - Spanish Gas Association, which colaborates with the government in the development of standards and regulation.

  EQUIPOS DE COMBUSTION, S.L.     Tfno: (+34) 94 464 20 55